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  • Meet Meryl

    Meet Meryl

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On Jan 7th 2015, after receiving a tip off that an infant orangutan was being kept as a pet, the Nyaru Menteng rescue team undertook an eight hour journey deep into a remote area of forest to find the infant. The baby, aged only eight months, was named Meryl after the vet Meryl Yemima who saved her life. Baby Meryl was close to death, suffering from malnutrition and she also had a fractured arm. She had been held captive for 6 of her 8 short months of life. Nothing is known as to the circumstances under which she was acquired by the residents. There's no doubt that if not for the expert care she received, Meryl would not be the healthy, beautiful and confident orangutan that she is today.

 Fun Fact

Meryl was cared for by our vet, Meryl Yemima, whom she was later named after!

  Birth Date

May 2014 (est.)



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