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  • Meet Kopral and Shelton

    Meet Kopral and Shelton

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In December 2009, aged 4 years old, Kopral escaped the cage where he was being kept as a pet, climbed a telegraph pole and was electrocuted when he grabbed hold of the live wires. Thinking that Kopral would die of his injuries, his 'owners' waited a week before bringing him to Samboja Lestari. The injuries he had sustained were horrific, his right arm had no flesh left, only bone, and his left arm and both legs were also burnt. The Vet team had no choice but to amputate both of Kopral's arms. Incredibly, within 4 months Kopral was at Forest School, his love of life and sheer determination to keep calm and carry on, astonishing and inspiring the whole of the Samboja team. Kopral has exceeded all hopes and expectations and now he's a cheerful, independent individual whose resilience, nest making skills and 'can do' attitude to life make him a role model to his peers.

In January 2012, 6 year old Shelton arrived at Samboja in even worse condition than Kopral. Shelton had wandered into a village searching for food and had been beaten and shot and then left for dead in an area of forest. The physical and psychological trauma he had suffered at the hands of humans made his recovery unimaginably hard, but once again, the love and expertise of the Samboja Lestari team turned his life around. And then Kopral and Shelton found each other, kindred spirits who are now best friends. There is so much that can be learned from Kopral and Shelton and the potential that lies in each and every one of us.

 Fun Fact

Kopral: He's very fast!
Shelton: Super hearing, nothing gets passed him!

  Birth Date

Kopral: Est. 2005
Shelton: Est. 2006


Kopral: Inspirational/Indomitable
Shelton: Very friendly

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