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Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation rehabilitation centres are temporarily closed, effective 17 March until further notice.


Due to the growing threat of Covid-19, we are taking extrodinary measures to ensure the safety of our staff and orangutans.

To help BOSF through this time all donations to our BOS-UK Covid-19 fund were matched, up to the first £10,000 in donations. We are very happy to annouce that we met our goal, and thank you to all that donated!

Sadly, Indonesia has seen unprecented price spikes in certain supplies that we rely on, so the need for funds still continues. Our staff are doing all they can to keep costs down, but some items are necessary to ensure the safety of the orangutans and staff.

Surgical masks
Prior: £3/box
Now: £25/box

Medical Gloves
Prior: £7/box
Now: £10/box

Hand Sanitizer
Prior: £4/bottle
Now: £13/bottle

100% of all proceeds will go directly to our centres in Indonesia to help cover their costs during this difficult time. 

Any donation helps, and if you aren't able to spare anything right now we completely understand. These are unprecentend times, and we know people all around the world are suffering from this dreadful Covid-19 pandemic. Our thoughts go out to everyone at this challenging time.

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