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  • Meet Valentino

    Meet Valentino

Every morning, Valentino eagerly awaits babysitters to take him to Forest School. Upon reaching the edge of Forest School, he will often roll and somersault himself along to get to the playground faster than his peers. But his acrobatics don’t always play out as expected, and on one occasion his overly-confident somersaults along the boardwalk saw him lose his balance and fall off into the creek below. His peers were splashed and startled, but Valentino, ever cool - though seemingly a little startled himself, simply shook himself off and carried on his merry way.


Valentino was just a little baby when he arrived at Nyaru Menteng on Valentine’s Day, 2015. A truck driver claimed to have found him wandering alone and hungry along a river bank near a rubber plantation in Central Borneo. He was unusually small, weighing only 2.2 kgs despite being around six months old.

 Fun Fact

Among all of his friends, Valentino is the best at foraging for rattan shoots, termites, and flowers!

  Birth Date

Sept 2014 (est.)



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