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  • Meet Meryl

    Meet Meryl

Sweet Meryl is a great role model for the juniors in her group: She has been known to take Jelapat and others into the forest to explore and demonstrate how to forage and build nests. Her peers are happy to engage in the process and enthusiastically follow suit. At the playground, Meryl turns into an attention seeker, and especially looks for attention from the babysitters she likes. She will follow her favourite babysitter everywhere, and cry if she loses sight of her.


Meryl was rescued from captivity in early 2015, when she was just 8 months old. After a period of quarantine and a complete health assessment, Meryl entered Baby School. She is now a member of Forest School Group 2.

 Fun Fact

Meryl was cared for by our vet, Meryl Yemima, whom she was later named after!

  Birth Date

May 2014 (est.)



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