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BOS UK Mission

Our mission is to engage supporters and donors from around the world with the plight of the Bornean Orangutan and share the work of the amazing staff at The BOS Foundation.

As Dr. Dame Jane Goodall says 'Only if we understand, will we care. Only if we care, will we help', and the orangutans have never needed our help more than they do now.

All three species of orangutan are critically endangered, and a recent study estimated that over 100,000 orangutans have been killed in just the past 17 years as their forest home is logged and burned primarily for the production of palm oil. The only reaction to this shocking news is to do something, don't despair, act! Help us help them!

From acquiring protected forests into which rehabilitated orangutans can be released, to aiding the team working to rescue orangutans from human conflict or those sold into the illegal pet trade, from the dedicated babysitters nurturing the orphans through forest school, to the enrichment team and veterinary staff, for all of this and more, funds are desperately needed!

Raising awareness is also crucial, so if you can't donate you can still play an invaluable role by sharing posts on social media, telling your friends about the situation and perhaps engaging your local schools and community by hosting events or organising a fundraiser.

Working together we can protect orangutans and their rainforest home, and help to ensure that they can be kept safe for future generations.


Accelerating the release of Bornean orangutans from ex-situ to in-situ locations


Promoting the participation of and partnership with all stakeholders


Encouraging the protection of Bornean orangutans and their habitat Increasing the empowerment of communities surrounding orangutan habitat


  Capacity Building

Strengthening institutional capacity


Supporting research and education activities for the conservation of Bornean orangutans and their habitat


What we do



Rescue, rehabilitation and reintroduction of orangutans and other protected species (sun bears), obtaining governmental permissions and approvals for reintroduction sites, translocation activities and post-release and translocation monitoring


Involvement and empowerment of local communities, enhanced communication and publications, cooperation with stakeholders, conservation related research and outreach education and encouraging the improvement of relevant legislation


Orangutan habitat conservation, comprising management of wild orangutan habitat in the Mawas Area, Central Kalimantan, management of translocation and reintroduction sites, management of orangutan and sun bear conservation areas and facilitation of Best Management Practices (BMP) of orangutan habitat within other land-uses



Funding sustainability, including fundraising and fund management


Organisational management and strengthening management systems


Where we work

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Every penny counts in protecting these wonderful creatures and their fragile environment... any amount that you choose to donate will be a huge help.

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